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» BertonWithanee now offers
purchasing peace of mind ...


» Disaster Appeal via OXFAM CAA -
- There's no point denying it, collectively
we have short memories. The advertising industry
knows it better than anyone. Let's not forget those
in the world who will be suffering for years to
come resulting from various world events,
natural disasters and others via conflict.
Visit OXFAM where 90 cents in every dollar
goes direct to help the sufferers....

» Art seekers: Buy art by BertonWithanee
right in here!

"It is possible to appreciate art while it
too...appreciates. Especially art as dynamic
and controversial as my own", says Marco.
Also visit: NAVA: for other artist

» The Sydney Opera House as you've
never seen it!

This double-take image, affectionately called
"The Opera Dishouse", and its subsequent
post card has inspired Sydney's, indeed Australia's
collective imagination. Various other themed images
are available eg. The Sydney Hanger Bridge,
shown below, enquire here....


» The environment, the muse of many an artist,
needs attention too.

- Becoming a member of the Wilderness Society
means you can give as little as $15 a month knowing
you ARE playing a significant role. It's tax deductable and relevant to sustaining and
defending the environment....

» BWd advertising folio pieces.
A diverse portfolio shows a wealth of experience
and expertise....

» BWd fine art folio pieces.
The stock market is tired, and real estate...well
it's too expensive - art though is exciting and
affordable. Classically unique, investing with young,
emerging talent builds on your capital....

» Offer caricatures @ your next function!
Get yourself a caricature!... or gift someone
else a caricature. It's absolutely unique. Or
imagine 2 professional cartoonists roaming your
guests, gifting them their caricatures.
The function can be as simple as an intimate
dinner party, a corporate function, a marketing
event or as grand as a wedding....

» Sponsorship: Opportunities within!
- Shortly corporate and indeed private bodies
can support the development of Marco, an
Australian Artist of merit....

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 The famous...
Contemporary Views of Classic Sydney
postcards available right here.



BertonWithanee design wishes to acknowledge the indigenous peoples of Australia.