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My desire to pursue a career in graphic design occurred whilst working at an architectural firm on the Gold Coast in 1987. At the time I had no idea the work I was in fact doing was graphic design. My job role entailed compiling signage packages for tender, the detailing of signs and items for industrial application, and meeting the occasional client. Initially, briefs were given to me by the architects. Some months later, I was given free rein to design the required signage. These included significant structures and specific forms for placement throughout multi-million dollar resort projects. I knew this type of work was what I enjoyed most, discovering at that point it was called 'Graphic Design'.

Now-a-days it's all 'talent driven' and 'computer compiled'. Well, one would hope so and in that priority. Photoshop, QuarkXpress, InDesign and Illustrator. Pagemill, DreamWeaver. Flash and Animation Maker. PC or Macintosh. Web, print, television and radio and copywriting. A Graphic Designer requires a well-rounded, level-headed, almost Super Hero ability. In the end though it's all in good fun and that's what drives us I believe. The reward of seeing an idea become a reality. Moving now into a career in teaching, I've an incredible pool of experience to draw upon.

Please enjoy.