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Like my music, Art has always been important in my life. Both talents feature in my family tree. My cousin Batista Sperotto, is an accomplished and recognised artist who resides in Italy and Switzerland. He exhibits in Europe and New York.

I commenced pursuing the finer arts of my career in 1995. I've dealt with viewer interaction, textures using various paints and manipulating materials. I reflect on social issues. Daily influences around me or community at large. I participate in the pursuit of discovering that 'something unique'. Searching for substance, I challenge a number of styles and concepts. My exhibitions invite viewers to touch the art. I encourage the blind to participate. I'll paint clothing on naked models to inconspicuously walk the space, strike up conversation and promote the art. I 'll consider anything, and fear nothing.

It's important to state at this stage, that an artist articulates and translates a concept or message into a visual composition so as to teach viewers that alternate views and ideals exist outside their own. Artists share and conceptualise aspects of their inner most passions through their art. As does a song writer, by using influences from their own lives, they enhance without necessarily reproducing in exact detail their personal beliefs. A professional artisan can separate the expressive-creative process from the corporate ideal of professionalism. That is to say to interact in a measured, non-reactive manner by mainstream definitions.

I've been a proud member of NAVA (National Association for the Visual Arts) for several years now. Further information can be found on the next page. Click more detail. , otherwise continue straight to the Painting thumbnails.

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