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Country bumkins.

Fishing... it's about the fight, not size.

But... because it still may not be clear, we caricature for...
­Golf ... of course,
­ Basketball ... it would seem Accountants are in the majority,
­ Shoppers... they keep the world turnin',
­ Book-appreci-ardos fantisize,
­ Tennis debonnaires swing continuously,
­ Roadbike enthusiasts rarely smile,
­ Sports car lovers... love,
­ Gangster rappers for teens,
­ City based cyclists,
­Sailor wannabees are normally MD's,
­ Walkers and runners keeping going,
­ Salsa hip-shakin' dancers,
­ Seventies roller-skating chicks,
­ Backyard green-handed gardners,
­ Snowboarders like to show,
­ Boxing brutes
­ Retired boxers turn to lawnbowls,
­ Beach volleyball or netball,
­ not to forget Cricket,
...or baseball,
­ Football
or is it Soccer,
­ and Football which is Football,
­ Aussie rules
and union,
­ and on and on and on!


Here's what we offer you at your corporate function, trade stand, wedding, birthday or special event.
The four examples on this page may take a moment to download. It's worth it.

Trade Fairs attracting passer-byers.
Corporate functions
for your VIP clients.
Company christmas parties.
Management momentos
for office walls.
Staff recognition comendations
Unique staff birthday cards.
Company illustrated t-shirts
from 1 to infinity and beyond ...
Click on the examples link for custom t-shirts

As professional cartooninsts and illustrators, my colleague and I arrive several minutes before time at your function. We take five minutes to settle in and prepare. We ask who and where your VIP's are. Then we walk the floor drawing your guests. We do this by using either marker pens and tones, or charcoal pencils for a fuller finish that we spray with fix preventing smuges. Both allows for shading. Using A4 paper, we can also and quite easily customise the sheet with your logo to one corner. A complete client gift with your branding on it.

We'll ask your guests their hobbies or favourite activity perhaps. What they would like to be known for or things they'd like to achieve one day. It's wonderful illustrating an individuals aspirations, one that no one knew about. Like a DJ aficionado, or closet Cowboy dreamer. The world of fantasy and imagination is endless and wonderful.

Offering a truly tasteful caricature. An image of the highest quality, fit for framing and admiring at home or office. That's what we strive for.

How we conduct this is I normally draw the background theme's. My colleague caricatures your guest's face. I have created these examples posted, however with two of us we can complete far more caricatures. Furthermore we entertain, we simply don't just draw.

Those corporate companies that we have satisfied and gained rave reviews will be listed.

But it doesn't have to end there! We've drawn at weddings as bonbonniere. We create grand, high quality full colour A2 [42x59.4cm] themed wedding couple portraits. Guests can be invited to sign this as a keep-sake for the couple.

We've drawn at birthdays from infants to ... well older folk.. You see... there are no limits.

Underpinning our service is our sincere desire to satisfy your guests. Giving them a truly wonderful experience. We don't overly exaggerate sensitive aspects of your guests characteristics. No, we are extremely professional in that regard. My colleague and I reserve that right for our esteemed politicians :)

We understand that not every member of your family or staff is sports orientated. So we cater for poets, book worms, artists, scientists, and star gazers... ooh it just doesn't end! Whatever their desire, we can satisfy.

Give us a run, email BWd by hitting the email link here and send a request for corporate functions. Make a booking for the Christmas party, corporate celebration, awards night, trade fair, any occasion.
Thinking outside the usual, adorn office walls with management caricatures, or gift your hard working staff their own framed cartoon. Cheaper than a bonus!

Turn-table DJ lovers.

Surfers and all water lovers.

The Money thing.
We issue rates upon request.
­ Half amount refundable, until-day-of-event, deposit must be paid before your function. Our good name is your guarantee, we work off word of mouth.
­ You can request a single artist, however two can caricature many more.
­ NB. These are speed pieces. Individual sittings can be arranged for the more demure amongst us. We estimate an average 5mins per guest.
Having said that, if you would like to extend our time whilst at your function, as many clients do, we request our contact person who's directly responsible to sign a voucher. We carry these verifying the time extension. This can be paid within a 14 day time frame.
­ We'd appreciate a drink and nibblies or a dish, as caricaturing can be quite demanding work. But we leave that up to your goodwill.

Point of interest.
The caricatures above are indicative only. It's difficult to translate their detail and presence as compared to viewing them in hand. Each is completely unique for each and every guest. Themes can be as diverse as the people we illustrate.
No topic is too shameful.
No issue too outrageous.
No activity too shocking.
In the spirit of continuing this honesty thing, it's more than likely we've drawn it before or done it ourselves... :)

We sincerely care about our clients, wanting them to cheerish their images for years to come.