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I hope you enjoy my satire and cartooning style. Email your thoughts to below.

Keep in mind if you're a school, parent or individual... you to can drop me an email as I teach cartooning and caricaturing. I've a Master of Teaching qualification, and registered as a Queensland and NSW public sector educator.

Now relax and enjoy the coffee/tea/hot choc prepared for you to the right here... help yourself to the organic sugar. The "VIEWING" button here will take you to my categorised satirical cartoons.

Please note, recollection of exact events in history which inspired these illustrations may be inaccurate. The general jist though will be correct.
These interpretations are not necessarily the view of the artist, but that interpreted from various media outlets. Hence the perception of hypocracy between some issues. The aim here... to reflect the view fed to the public as a whole at the time. The artist does stand for some issues, and on those poses an opinion. All are based on alledged allegations as presented via reported information freely put in the public domain by a large cross-section of media outlets.

All pieces are © copyright protected, but then we all know that. Use in any form for direct or indirect commercial benefit is strictly prohibited. Permission must be sort from the artist, therefore email BWd here.