Welcome to the Client Project Access Centre. When finished, please close/collapse this window, returning you the main website.

Your current project undertaken by BertonWithanee design will be available for download from here. As a centralised point, the CPAC offers you an easy, quick no-fuss point from where to access your files.

Depending on the file to be downloaded, specific instructions will appear best suited for them. In absence of any specialised instructions, follow these pointers;

1. Simply move your computer mouse over the download disc below.
2. If using a PC, right click and scroll down to save link onto desktop.
2a. If using a Mac, just click your mouse and hold, scrolling down to save link to desktop.
OTHERWISE, open link in new window, then repeat steps 2 or 2a.
3. A dialogue box will appear, allowing you to specifically save the file to any folder on your own computer.

NB BertonWithanee design uses VIREX virus screening software. However, it remains your responsibility to have your own virus screening software definitions up to date. Thus protecting your system from potential problems.

It's a pleasure to continually offer you quality services. I look forward to your reply with regard to your project.

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