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My career move into education, diversifies my advertising/graphic design experience, thus allowing my palette of career colours to mix beautifully.

With a wealth of experience in model design & making, exhibition display design & construction, high-end magazine layout, art direction, creative consultation and training, photography, international resort & race car signage, copy writing, storyboard planning, general design on a wide and grand scale et cetera. All of this, including my fine arts and sculpture... has satisfied an intense drive since my teens, and has now culminated to a satisfying next phase life career, surely a benefit to my students both teenagers and adults.

I was teaching guitar at the age of nine. Even at that age I began looking for ways to make Learning an interesting process. So I left accepted convention, which at the time was learning quirky nursery rhymes from text books, and taught those songs the students themselves requested and enjoyed.

Having successfully completed my Masters, I now look for a role where I can have the widest possible influence on ... learners. Perhaps as an Education Officer, or indeed a Teacher. So long as I can convey my knowledge, ideas and experiences in an interesting manner, and to challenge and satisfy enthusiastic minds.

Refering to the Opera Dishouse images now, they have been available for purchase from the retailers to the right. Regarding the Dishouse what it inspires for Sydney, I can see in every city of the world. Queensland, Paris, Italy, India, America, .. I'm waiting!, just drop me an email. BWd button below left. You see, the world can be one's oyster.

I offer t-shirt's featuring my art and designs on their front. Style cut to fit every human type on Earth and for you... at cost and starting under AU$29. When a t-shirt is available for a specific artwork, a link labelled 't-shirt' will appear to the left of screen as it does on this page offering the BWd logo. Click and have a look. Why this offer at cost? Because I'm a nice guy.

It's a pleasure when you can continually offer originality. I'm always thinking of new quality stuff! Keep visiting BWd and maybe take this opportunity to consider advertising within the website. I get good reviews and viewing traffic. I don't wait for things to happen, I'm out there doing my own things all the time. Oh, and read my media release located in the Fine Art section, it stirred alot of discussion!

I sincerely hope you enjoy this venture into my webfolio. Let me know your thoughts if you have a moment ...

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"Always thinking" is my business phylosophy. It under scores the way I am. Move your mouse over my ideas bulb... it's a abit of fun. I'm principally a print, TV set designing, POS, packaging, illustrating... full-spectrum graphic designer. I've developed ideas for television story boards, radio concepts, marketing and industrial design. I also carry out systems analysis and create SOP's.
I don't subscribe to the belief that every idea has been thought of. Although recently my world has been rocked regarding my thoughts on this issue. The belief still makes no sense, although I will be less militant on the subject. As an excuse though this belief serves to show some of us continue creating & inventing, while others continue appropriating.
On other items, this industry is a fickle one, its subjective nature makes it so. A diverse folio often claimed to be a draw card, in reality is not. Agencies want specialisation. The real point I'm making is some of us have had better timing than others by being in the right place at the right time. Thus getting that foot in the door.
I proudly volunteer time and expertise to worthy causes. I've been motivated since my teens in protecting the environment.

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