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Resume This section features my latest Curriculum Vitae in WORD doc form.

Of course this resume appears heavily creative based. However, what you may not openly see, is the under lying teaching, training and learning designed into each project. This very aspect has always been a personal professional objective. To make my work relevant, interesting and educational.

The Public and Private sectors have recently begun to realise the potential of employing an Education Officer, as well as an experienced graphic designer. I however offer quite a unique and powerful professional package. Two for the price of one and a half! :)

As a former career Designer, I incorporated into most campaigns and designs an element of education. I felt if the target market learned from a concept, they'd be more inclined to remember, thus feel connected to it. This proved successful and so my career long association practicing this philosophy encouraged me to complete a postgraduate Master of Teaching at University of Sydney.

My ultimate professional role would be anything creative and imaginative. This includes exciting lesson plans and tasks. My webfolio demonstrates a genuine skill in seamless adaptation, conceptual design and critical thought. I'm at ease detailing visual concepts, and dynamic lesson plans/tasks.

For some years now I have volunteered my time and experience to benefit the environment and wildlife, with a keen and special interest in wildlife and nature conservation education. Organisations such as The Wilderness Society, The Conservation Council of Sth Australia, Green Peace, Federal Greens Political Party and recently The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary have experienced my dual qualifications.

I've an extremely strong work ethic and a proven track record of following through with a project until its successful end. I now dream of giving back to the kind of education I was fortunate enough to have grown up with. Nurtured, scaffold and self learning.

Creativity and imagination extends into successful lesson planning. I embrace the ideal of Blooms Taxonomy. Where the use of higher stimulus learning introduces greater challenges in critical thinking. This makes learning more interesting and more educational. This process better achieved if one tailors lesson plans to suit areas of interest relevant to students whether adult, adolescent or early childhood.

Please ... download WORD doc here. Simply click the cover sheet below.