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Acrylic, balsa wood, nickle wound nylon on 5mm rear reinforced MDF

At the age of four, I started learning classical guitar. Each Saturday I would walk down two houses to Ms.Patane. The whole day was dedicated to creativity and the arts. From 9am we'd play guitar in preparation of my Conservatorium examinations until lunch time. Chips, salad, steak. Then until 4pm we would paint and draw alittle, as well as music theory.
When ever there was a recital or classical guitar concert in town she would put me into her pale blue Ford Cortina, and off we'd go. I under went this private tuition until the age of 12. I loved Ms.Patane, to this day my fondest, most enduring memories are of those Saturdays.

I dedicate this piece to her wonderful giving, nurturing nature. I visit her when ever I'm able.