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Acrylic on canvas

This is a perfect example of my Evolutionary Artworking concept. So what is Evolutionary Artworking?

I believe an artwork need not be entirely complete simply because it's ready to be hung. My art continues its life journey, evolving with the family or holder of the piece. Knowing has just started its evolutionary journey. This young couple have celebrated their first year anniversary. Having provided me with some personal writings describing their past year, I was given the painting for further development and re-certification of authenticity.
Hence my unique practice of Evolutionary Artworking. The following reflects my interpretation having met with them.

Please click the NEXT button below to see the first modification of Knowing. Perhaps the next modification may be due to a new family member!

Knowing sets out to generate a simple feeling of wisdom, selfless giving.
Knowing that Anson and Jody have a future.
Knowing their love for each other.
Knowing what they're doing is right.
Knowing they're there for one another always.
Knowledge is all empowering.
Striping top and bottom represent Jody and Anson respectively, and vice versa as they are now one and the same.
Each stripe representing a decision made and a choice taken throughout each one's life. On a deeper level, darker stripes are regrets, indecision, personal doubts and imperfection.
However, overpowering these by way of freedom of choice are the lighter shades. These being progress, things good, personal growth and positive influence on others. The power of an assertive outlook over adversity.
Pebble bridges, these draw upon Anson's passion for the environment and his preference for subdued colours. They represent his life long admiration of Jody... wholly as a partner, and in all aspects of her life and of their life together.
White base, draws upon Jody's passion for writing, her profession and preference of lighter colours. White symbolises the starting of a clear yet prepared page. Of their story which is now continuing to a new level, as opposed to beginning a new one. White is also symbolic of the purity of water, and Jody's awareness of the environment.
White being purity, amplified by the vibration rings progressing from Anson's Pebble Bridges. NB. The dot motifs are not drawn from, or are indicative of any known cultural motif. They are representative of individual moments and periods in time.
White being a colour that forms the foundation of all colours of the spectrum. Without white, there is no colour. Like the woman, forming the foundation of all life.
My belief is, that as partners they have always been together. Accompanying each other through various journeys, through various lifetimes. Simply meeting one another at a new venue each time.
This artwork is conceived as continuing ie. as their lives develop, change and grow so to can this piece. Successive modifications recorded. It's orientation is non descript. Orientation remains open to choice. Initially set up as landscape, if desired it can be modified for portrait.


A young couple who got married at the beginning of 2004.
Jody and Anson.