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Acrylic, ingredient on rear reinforced masonite

I was invited to submit a volunteered piece of significant art. The work was to be exhibited then auctioned as VIVID Contemporary Art. The show and auction itself being held at fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne. The proceeds going towards the fund raising effort for the Australian Greens up coming federal election campaign.

The artwork's rational is positioned to the right of the image below. The attached artist bio is written as follows;
  "Marco Berton is a Sydney/Gold Coast based artist/graphic designer, currently undertaking a Post Graduate Master of Teaching at University of Sydney. He is also a member on the committee of Arts and Cultural Affairs. He has worked as a designer since 1987, and made a conscious decision to add a painting career to his repertoire in 1995. A recent consideration to enter the Florence Biennale via committee invitation has promoted him onto an international level.

He's found a comfortable and complimentary overlap between the disciplines of stringent design principles and boundless creative expression.

Having started his design career on numerous high profile projects such as the Sheraton Mirage International Resort's, he left ad agency fervour and the Gold Coast glam for Sydney. He'd been invited by John Fairfax Holdings to join their publishing operations. Whilst there he headed JFH creative developments in leading edge technologies, art directed and simultaneously managed several branch art departments.

A member of NAVA and the ACA, he's an accomplished cartoonist and digital manipulator. Penning and manipulating quite stinging satirical views on lifestyle and environmental issues, also international and national politics. Visit An innovator in the true sense of the word.

His recent digital acclaims are NO WAR: PLAN.A (a.k.a. Opera Redhouse) an in principle support offering for David Burgess and Will Saunders, and Contemporary Views of Classic Sydney Series being sold from the MCA, PHM and other quality Sydney outlets.

Concerned with social injustices and environmental issues he frequently volunteers, and for his creative bent. Among these organisations are The Wilderness Society, Oxfam and The Conservation Council of South Australia, ...

'All of my works are direct, sincere inner most heartfelt creations. It isn't a simple process of whacking paint onto a surface. There's a calculated, reflective, time worn development in each piece. I aim to make that concept translate and convey to viewers and holders of my works'"

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Civil-lies play on the term Civilise. Somewhat self explanatory, yet the artwork endeavours to reflect our unsustainable lifestyles. Our pursuit to control nature, to manicure our surrounds and reface the geography. We are wittingly charting our own ends. Civil-lies profile our endless pursuit to relentlessly take from the environment. To strip its resources and show little respect for it. There's nothing civilised about it. Trampling on the very wonder that allows us, humanity, to exist.