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Moulding Religion

Acrylic, Plastic, Wood, Magnet
1" Box Frame 750x345

I was born, raised and instructed a Catholic. Early in my teens I began to question the teachings, contradictions and wealth excesses of the Catholic Church.

Your friendly local parish or religious general store will often sell small plastic motifs signifying heavenly devotion to God or any number of other Saints. In their construction they are no more spiritual than a fridge magnet. Ironically so, as they are sold as such.

Yet, growing up I witnessed acquaintances display sincere devotion to these trinkets and plastic tokens. I wondered why there was such a needed to prove ones belief. It's akin to supporting a football team. Seemingly competing for a greater devotation. Why can't we simply feel the love or believe if that be the case, from within where heaven forbid no one can see.

Perhaps these plastic motifs are infact parallels of what Religious practises have become. The western world, as opposed to an indigenous culture, appears to be based on materialism rather than true spiritualism.