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Attention to Detail

Acrylic, Paper, Shell, Electrical
1" Box Frame 1020x720

In life generally through-away as it is, we charge ahead oblivious to the beauty surrounding us each day. From the smallest beetle to the strongest perfumed flower. Even our peaceful interaction with others. I wouldn't want to overlook such moments. I hope this artwork goes some way in inspiring others to better observe their own surroundings.

The large elegant box-frame draws you into its centre. Its key feature too small to see from a far. The viewer approaches looking deep into the frame. Concealed inner lights shine, revealing an extraordinary shell. Perfect in its form. Beautiful in its colour and Persian like pattern. Most viewers skip all these aformentioned details. The hand written inscription, below right reads 'So obsessed with the big picture, we overlook beauty in detail'.

The majority of viewers comment on experiencing a sense of guilt having committed the very sin this piece is aiming to expose. I enjoy playing with words and images. Creating second and hidden meanings. Utilising electrics, lights and motors if appropriate. The concealed lighting system in this piece is activated by a small side button, promoting viewer interaction.