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My Favourite Fruit

Acrylic, Ingredient [ digital representation ]

Natural foods are sacred to me. A son of European parents, I learnt much about home grown vegetables and fruits. Very rarely did we eat wholly Can based processed foods. It simply wasn't done. Thankfully. The European way of life, the eating of olive oils, plentiful vegetables and fruits, hand picked during their natural seasonal readiness is what I long to do with my own family.

The script reads 'My favourite fruit. My favourite fruit is rotten fruit... 3 days later. Fruit that's too soft to handle. Fruit that seeps and weeps. Even fruit that starts having a mixed smell of rot and fruit itself. I love fruit that's become blotchy and that's gone through all the colours of decay. I adore fruit that has a resident worm found once sliced. Fruit that's sitting in a pool of fluid in the fridge. I love fruit like this because it's been graced by life. So I eat my fruit immediately or within a few days. My fruit doesn't reach this stage... but it could and that's why I love it so. GM Froot isn't fruit.'

Many of my pieces are inspired from personal experiences. I once had an apple that didn't change its outter skin. It sat in my fruit tray for several months. Curious, I sliced it open and found it had browned and hollowed inside, becoming stale flour like. I don't know of any natural fruit that does that.

I don't pretend to know everything about, or be an expert regarding the issues I believe in and defend. I simply respond to my principles, intuition and common sense.