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As LOW As...

Acrylic, Wood, Hinge

Social perception and some personal experience does play a part in most of my work. This piece I believe speaks for itself. Simplicity allows a work to be viewed with understanding, its message clear.

Bottom copy readers '*100% phukin rsoles with no regrd 4 u, yor wel b-ing or yor famly. Thay desseev, li, ain wurk een seecrets.' Written to be inconspicuous. Intended so that no specific term can be clearly identified. This adds to the illusion of the A-frame being a realistic promotional item. It plays on the deception perpetrated.

The A-frame message implies when asking for money the cards are dealt to favour the institution rather than the customer. These institutions don't seem to care. They do appear to deceive. Media supports, if not perpetuates this belief. I have had my own experience of blatant, face to face deception by a number of lending institutions.