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No Balls [ digital representation ]
The Facts, the whole Facts, and nothing but the Fair Facts on Managament.

Acrylic on canvas

You can never apply sterotypes and expect that they apply without question to all. Having said that I've worked alongside and for a number of good Managers. Few though if any have been inspirational leaders, deserving of my utmost respect. The majority, it pains me to say win-out as being 'without balls'. Male and female.

I too have been a Manager. I would leave after a days work when my workers had all left. I made it a point to be the first to claim responsibility for the consequences of my or my staff's ill-judgements. Not redirect that blame. I'd be the first to claim success along-with and representative of my staff. The first to offer recognition to those who strive toward and achieve their own goals. Saying 'yes' and 'no' when appropriate. Charging ahead with an educated opinion. While others around me doubted and chose to go the easy way - avoiding or criticising that decision whilst awaiting its outcome.

I hope that in the eyes of those I've lead, I've been a steadfast example of integrity. I've set out to instill a sense of safety for some, and a sense of strength for others. As I have had little example of such leadership, in playing the role as I have, I've gained much personally. This piece represents the way I see the facts, the fair and unbiased truth on Managers and Management. As I've experienced them from delivering Pizzas in my teens to recent times.

AU$550 unframed