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The array of Digital images below show the finer art side of generating an artwork. Each has its own synopsis.

The popular and collectable Opera Dishouse can NOW be purchased here, along with associated images from the Contemporary Views of Classic Sydney. However, you can still purchase these fantastic images as postcards from the quality stores below.
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You would have arrived at this web page to acknowledge the Opera Dishouse's copyright ownership.
If you would like to use these images for pleasure or for a laugh at your site, simply link the images to my website. That's all I ask. That polite gesture goes a long way.

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Opera Dishouse © 2006 Created by MARCO BERTON
Australian Artist, Designer and Educator.

This image was initially reproduced with the assistance and support of the wonderful people at AvantCard. Sincere thanks.
Also available, by email order only, "Artist signed A2 posters" of Opera

Dishouse and Opera Dishouse Quay.
These images are also available as artist signed and dated, A2 posters (42x59.4cm) $AU250 (+10% GST,postage). Allow 2-3 weeks global delivery. Inquiries only at this stage.

Recently I learned of a very talented, inspirational Australian Artist from the middle part of last century. I would like to offer sincere homage to Eric Thake. Renown as an innovative artist, he passed away in 1982. I so wish I could have met the man as we share something quite unique and I'm sure something he too held very very dear to his heart. Specialising in Lino Cut work he is a continuing credit to the Australian Art Scene.

The Opera Dishouse is one in the series called Contemporary Views of Classic Sydney. Ask for them. They may become highly valued as a unique collectable.

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