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Sydney Hanger Bridge East

The magnificent Sydney Harbour encapsulates a number of iconic landmarks. One of note being the gentle giant ... "The Coat Hanger". Affectionately so named, due to its uncanny resemblance to an actual hanger. This is the proof image of the original Sydney Hanger Bridge image. As with all my images, there must be two in order to prove their existance.
The Opera Dishouse is shown at Been-a-long Point between the bridge pylons, and to its rear sits The Toaster. This image continues the interlinking effect of the image series of Sydney as a contemporary city.
Please realise that the greyed water-marked copyright over the image here, will not appear on the distributed product.


To purchase the Sydney Hanger Bridge East image, prior to commiting myself to a full print run I am gaging whether there is a wider interest in making them available from this webpage. So please email your interest...YOUR DESIRE TO PURCHASE should they become available. Once numbers are up I will reply contact you and install a Paypal link. I look forward to your email of interest at...