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Opera Redhouse Plan A. Too much paint, too little time ...


A controvercial one this. Shortly after the NO WAR incident at the Real Opera House, I was introduced to Dave Burgess, one of the two champions for peace who carried out the red signage. I don't condone such action, however I did and still do feel for the guys experiencing the powerless frustration firstly at the irresponsible sending of Australian citizens (soldiers) to yet again another foreign land, contrary to UN charters. Secondly at their obvious biased court justice. They were clearly over-come with mental anguish in view of the destruction awaiting innocent Iraqi citizens. Furthermore for Australia to invade alongside an influencial US President who himself entered an instituation under dubious circumstances, does not rest well with me at all. That too I strongly do not condone.

Being a satirical observer wanting to offer in some part a sense of inprinciple support, I created this tongue-in-cheek view of the situation. Subsequent donations to receive this post card will go to pay damages ordered by the courts toward costs incurred cleaning the Opera House. The rest sent to the building and rebuilding of Iraqi Hospitals and Schools. Dave Burgess and Will Saunders are rare individuals indeed. Believing enough in something to put their safe, everyday lives aside taking a great risk. How often will you and I do that during ours?

Whatever your view. These actions did get you thinking. It did bring you an awareness. It should have made you feel for someone other than yourself and immediate family. Like Iraqi children, their parents and their truly horrific, horrific existance and struggle.

At the end of the day, '... And in any case let's keep this all in perspective. David Burgess and Will Saunders painted some words on the side of a building which was then cleaned off.' As Greens Candidate for Bennelong, Andrew Wilkie so eloquently put it, 10 December, 2003. Furthermore, may I express my support of Andrew Wilkie's campaign for the up coming Federal election for the seat of Been-A-Long 'time for a change' Point. Go to and show some support yourself. [In all seriousness, Bennelong Point ­ Sydney is the area inclusive of the Opera House].

Click on the email re:NO WAR button above to visit Dave and Will's website. Support thier plight and cause buy purchasing the Opera Redhouse:Plan.A, and other fantastic greeting cards at Or simply click on the Opera Redhouse image below to view the Sydney Morning Heralds Spike column interview with Dave. Unbiased?.... read it, it shows its position clearly. Daves surname has been corrected in this pdf, however the real time edition in print and on the web was incorrectly written as "Watson".

Let me say, to balance Spikes story, there was no "Cleaning up" drawing on a parallel that the two made money out of this sad sad incident. Also their "hope to cash in on the Christmas spirit" simply highlights the ignorance of a writer out to sensationalise a tragic result of individuals driven to a point of serious reaction. Finally, and quite unfortunately Spike and his editors Peter Munro and Jacqueline Maley left out an important point being that all monies collected beyond the damages amount would go to Iraq for the rebuilding of Hospitals and Schools. Perhaps they should reflect as to how much money they themselves had donated at the time it was needed, not now but back then?

In conclusion, I'm not a writer as such, but I know what's right and what's not fair. It's so easy to be blasé when you work within, in this case the Fairfax publishing machine. A machine I too once worked for.


Opera Redhouse is not part of the Contemporary Views of Classic Sydney series, however I have met people who have expressed interest in its purchase.
Before commiting myself to a full print run I am gaging whether there is a wider interest in making them available from this webpage. So please email your interest... YOUR DESIRE TO PURCHASE should they become available.
The quality will be as always exceptional, and I will give fifty cents from each purchase of this card to Dave Burgess and Will Saunders for a period of time.
This period will be clearly stated here. The money to go toward paying for the clean up costs, or passed on as donations to rebuild IRAQ's infrastructure.
I will be informing Dave of this gesture via email Monday, 31.10.05.

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