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Harbour Tram


Created for a campaign for the subsidiary company of John Fairfax Holdings, ACN ( Please refer to the Campaigns and Promotions section within Graphic Design ). I placed a Melbourne tram into Sydney Harbour as though it were a Ferry. This immediate image below was not the actual one used. Certain internal office politics at the time tied my hands in a creative and budgetry sense. The result of which is clearly displayed by the far bottom actual example. I was limited to using stock images, not my own art directed shots.
As a result, after leaving Fairfax I was determined to satisfy my own creative urge. I recreated what I had envisaged for that campaign, in my own time and at my own expense. The resulting image being far better and would have been a FAR CHEAPER process. My costing report at the time of working for Fairfax clearly stipulated this very point. But management being management! The concept remains one of my career favourites. This image is not a part of the Contemporary Views of Classic Sydney, however depending on generated interest in it becoming a card, I will consider it.











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Left; The campaign created which I believe was far imferior than that which could have been.
TheTram and Opera House images were purchased from a stock library. Mixed film grain, and mixed light sources created its less than convincing finished product.
Years earlier I had envisaged this image idea, and as I had also created this campaign, all be it where I worked I offered it to be used. Upper management was quite limiting with budget, and so my costed trip to Melbourne for a two day stop over, with meals and transport at AU$700, was overlooked for the AU$500 use of Stock Images.
Management then asked for the highly successful campaign to be re run a month later in Sydney and Melbourne. As I put in a subission for another $500 I was asked to explain. I presented the earlier memo and costing I had submitted regarding the two day Melbourne stop over. It had clearly explained that if we cheaper option was taken we could never reuse the images again without repurchase. My strong suggestion to photograph the city and more of Melbourne would offer the company a small library of owned images for ever. I was subsequently apologised to and we repurchased those horrible images to run the campaign again.
I cannot imagine the greater success this campaign may have had, had we gone with my inital plan. To satisfy my creativity I recreated the image as I had initially conceptionalised it.