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Custom Caricature T-Shirts

From one item to as many as you like.
Colour, or black+white.

Hey... Get your corporate logo on the t-shirt, and it'll be in colour even if you choose a b+w cartoon! Your VIP clients would love that!

The following are simply examples. You'll have the personalised toon you want.
We understand that every situation is different, and everyone has a different need. These custom t-shirts are viewed as a supplement to a function. That is, in preparation for, or as a gift following. But really there's no limitation, you decide.
So send along an email of inquiry. We'll chat.

A basic caricature t-shirt can start as low as AU$40. That amount broken up offers a b+w caricature, simple logo, on a youth t-shirt. Other t-shirt costings upon request. Keep in mind that these are quite individual, unique works of ... caricature!

Remember these other points. Large volume orders cannot reduce per unit price. The caricature cost is inaddition to the t-shirt. Simple logo means supplied, requiring no fix-ups. Please be realistic with your time frame. If you need it tomorrow, it cannot be done... :( We want to work with you. Allow a whole week (7 days) minimum, due to UFO sightings and the occassional fish falling from the sky event, this minimum may be extended. An estimated time frame is exactly that. We keep you constantly informed.

For specific item details and sizes et cetera, simply click on a t-shirt thumbnail below the cartoons here.


Colour image... Looks great huh! B+W image... Looks swell huh! and the logo still in colour.

 Colour men's & youth t-shirt  Colour women's t-shirt  Colour long sleeve t-shirt
 B+W men's & youth t-shirt  B+W women's t-shirt  B+W long sleeve t-shirt

T-shirt style thumbnail icons above were not generated by BWd... Only the Colour and B+W toons were.