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Welcome to a detailed professional web-folio. This website reflects the dynamic nature of my art and design. It showcases my outlook on the world around me, as well as my completion of a Master of Teaching in education.
I operate as a graphic designer under my 'BertonWithanee design' business. When I create fine art I work as 'Marco', the brand I've been developing since 1995. The two sides support one another beautifully. This arrangement allows for a tight corporate, highly professional operation on one hand, whilst on the other a constraint free creative process where I am my own client. My standards are extremely high, and self expression my driving brief. Now I aim to re-enter the corporate industry with this new found enthusiasm.

It's been an exciting time for BertonWithanee education+design and Marco. With invitations and commissions from;
­ The Federal Australian Greens political party,
­ International Biennale Committees,
­ Aust. Cartoonist Assoc's time capsule at the NSW State Library,
­ Brazilian Int. Festival for AIDS & Humour,
­ 2005 Nat. Tour of Artworks aiding the Asthma Foundation of Aust.,
­ A two year sitting member on the University of Sydney Union - Arts and Cultural Affairs Committee. Being entered into minutes as the key contributor in resolving where to rehouse the University's considerable and valuable Art Collection, whilst also having been nominated to team judge and curate the 2006 ArtExpress for the NSW Education Department held at the NSW Art Gallery.

I offer t-shirt's featuring my art and designs on their front. Style cut to fit every human type on Earth and for you... at cost and starting under AU$29. When a t-shirt is available for a specific artwork, a link labelled 't-shirt' will appear to the left of screen as it does on this page offering the BWd logo. Click and have a look. Why this offer at cost? Because I'm a nice guy.
It's a pleasure when you can continually offer originality. I'm always thinking of new quality stuff! Keep visiting BWd and maybe take this opportunity to consider advertising within the website. I get good reviews and viewing traffic. I don't wait for things to happen, I'm out there doing my own things all the time.
Work and study between two great cities, yes it's a hectic lifestyle driving between Qld and Syd, a 2000km round trip in a Kombi van, but I love it. I sincerely hope you love this venture into my webfolio. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts...

Finally the overwhelming popularity of the Opera Dishouse with its series images continues to generated great interest from around the world.

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