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John Fairfax always lead the pursuit in technological advances. I was the first Fairfax artist to send digitally paginated pages from Queensland down to Sydney back in 1993. Prior to this it was still cut and paste. After being invited to work in Sydney, I was then the sole Fairfax artist working alongside SII Sacramento, trialing the first Penrith Sun throught the SCOOP system 1996. I was the first and leading artist to work as support to editorial and senior IT personel when the Cyber system was introduced, 1998.
Then, 10 months prior to my leaving the company I was assigned to lead the creative team for AdCompose. Examples below. Working alongside New Zealand Herald developers who had been using the product for a year, I soon over-took their developments and began sharing my knowledge across the Tasman, as well as with the actual program developers who'd coded the application.
A seriously powerful and dangerous invention. The ad agency industry was poised to lose an enormous amount of money, had this venture continued.
AdCompose in practise put clients in direct control of their own ads. This included making, changing, booking and sending their ads straight to print. After ten months working on the project I left Fairfax. It under went an internal review, and as the product was feeling tremendous pressure from the wider advertising Industry. Its development in Sydney was soon halted. However Fairfax Melbourne continued my work.