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100% Cotton, plastic buttons
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My dismay at the world superpower going into conflict unilaterally got me thinking. I wanted something I could wear whilst riding my bike to University lectures. Something that truly voiced my opinion in rush hour traffic. So I stitched up my favourite faded studio jungle greens, with some remnant jungle green material.

For the life of me, I do not understand why so many people appeared to have a view critical of the Australian Government. However when it came to the 2004 Federal Elections they voted them back to power. Do not assume the 'other person' will vote against the Government in power, it's like seeing litter on the ground... YOU PICK IT UP!

If you love the manner in which the current Government represents you, then by all means vote them in. To elaborate on that idea... if you are then uncomfortable voicing the truth on your views... then say nothing BUT don't pretend to side with perceived popular opinion. It's weak, uncreative and puts hope in place of reality. Be daring and experimental next time... vote GREENS.

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