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Sydney Streets, I wish

Acrylic on canvas

This piece dramatically different at first sight. When hung, it sits so that the centre line is vertical.

I'd been living on and off in Sydney for several years. A particularly distinctive feature of the city then and continues to be, is its bad sense of street alignment. It's especially dangerous when approaching an intersection at a crest. Many such approaches present with continuing lanes that suddenly via away from their expectant and natural flow.

Another unrelated pet hate is seeing sharp, hard-edged traffic islands and dividers that break the flow of a roads natural curvature. The result, ruined wheel rims, blown tyres, threat to pedestrian safety.

Town planners should loosen up. Relax. Use F curves rather than straight edges.

This piece challenges mainstream convention as traditional formulaic hanging, doesn't work with it. When exhibiting, it's comical as I need to sign post it DO NOT STRAIGHTEN ARTWORK.

AU$880 unframed