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Hung Out, Tuned In

Screenprinted t-shirt graphic

Fulfilling an assignment for my PG Master of Teaching in Visual Art, I was required to create an edition run of 30, utilising a print making technique of some kind. Ideally a technique I'd never used before. I chose a process called RISO. I designed and created this piece onto fabric and paper. I also created a single unit for exhibiting in New Zealand. Hosted by the University of Sydney's sister institution University of Wiaato, Hamilton. An image of this will be posted shortly.


Quite an enjoyable piece in its making. The exhibiting piece is made of cotton, screen ink, pen and stretched over a 5mm/1mm wire frame with wooden pegs.

RISO Screenprint, on aluminium, wire, wood 250X260

Incorporating youth culture by using a stylised face of a youth wearing headphones, and a t-shirt graphic (below).

Satirical comment relating to the mass placement of Hills Hoists [clothes line as invented by Lance Hill] throughout Australia post 1945.

The comic suggestion being a possible conspiracy theory in covert Government communications being achieved by networking Australian clothes lines as a massive southern hemisphereic antennae. The written copy itself is in code. Read from bottom left to top right.

Stretch-framed to emphasis the clothes line concept. The use of wooden pegs brings in the contrasting era of the 1950's. This believed to be the key period and spreading of U.S Government conspiracy theories.