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Heroic Scene

Pencil on acid proof paper

I love this piece. Dramatic, powerful, overwhelming, emotive. It makes a statement about sexual equality and confronts the traditional roles of men and women. A continuing issue in our society which in itself amazes me. Using an approx. A1 sheet of paper the perspective enlarges the constraints of the sheet. It engages the viewer, posing the question 'what's happened?'. The marble so cold. The woman so defenseless in comparison to her aggressor. Yet she has overpowered he who was adequately armed and sheilded. In defending a threat to her own life, she continues to suffer. Had the roles been reversed, I believe he would have celebrated the victory. Influenced by my European heritage.
May I pose the question, why is it that in many cases a woman who undertakes a professional position, is paid less than a man performing the same role?

AU$550 framed